A few of the many questions we get asked. If you can’t find yours, be sure to contact us.
Where do you get all your groceries?
Our groceries mainly come from Affiliated Foods Midwest. A few other suppliers supplement items we cannot get from Affiliated.

Who is the guy in the Brink’s Logo?
Our little Brink’s man is named Oscar. Oscar Brink started Brink’s Grocery back in 1919.

Do I have to tip the carryout?
Our carryouts do not expect a tips.

What is the difference in terms homogenize and pasteurize in dairy milk?
Homogenization is a process by which the fat globules are broken down and evenly interspersed throughout the liquid to create a uniform product. Milk is typically homogenized, but Brink’s Market also typically carries Crystal Ball Farms cream top milk. Cream top milk is not homogenized, and the fat floats to the top because the fat molecules are not mechanically broken down.
Pasteurization is a heat process used to kill any potential food borne pathogens. Our suppliers typically use a temperature of 161 degrees for 15 seconds to kill bacteria.